Horse riding tours and equestrian holidays in France

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For advanced riders who are looking for tonic rides on dynamic horses, we selected the fastest equestrian holidays in different parts of France.
There, you will enjoy the nice landscapes of France and fast rides, to the rhythm of your horse's canter. Let's go !

Click on the region you are looking for on the map on the right or check our rides below !

RIDE IN FRANCE - Fast ride around the mont saint michel

Ride around the Mont Saint Michel

Discover a new aspect of the Mont Saint Michel, wonder of the West... For a few days, we enjoy wonderful views, the extraordinary landscape of a huge bay and long canters on the fine sand ! We offer you a tonic ride through the Mont Saint Michel bay, for advanced riders only.

Ride in Oleron Island

First French island on the Atlantic Coast, the island of Oléron, borderd by the Ocean, is an ideal place for a tonic escape on horseback. The sandy terrain of the island of Oleron is perfect to enjoy the liveliness of the horses during long canters on the beaches.

RIDE IN FRANCE - Canter on Oleron beach

RIDE IN FRANCE - Canter on Medoc beach

Ride in Medoc

This is a beach ride for advanced riders ! In Medoc, we invite you to a short ride between vineyards and beaches. Enjoy long canters along the ocean and the nice gastronomy of the region.

Ride in Lozère or Morvan

30 to 40 miles a day, long and frequent canters, abrupt down hill passages and lakes will be the joy of sporty outdoor riders. This endurance ride in this region rich in history is open to advanced riders only ! 

RIDE IN FRANCE - Endurance Ride in Morvan

RIDE IN FRANCE - Canter on Medoc beach

Ride in Lot vineyards

This is a ride for advanced riders ! Discover the local specialities of Cahors area by riding through the magnificent vineyards of the Lot.








RIDE IN FRANCE - Map of fast rides

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in the Mont Saint Michel Bay

RIDE IN FRANCE - break in a field in Burgundy

RIDE IN FRANCE - Endurance ride

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride on the beach on Oleron Island

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Medoc vineyards