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Equestrian holidays with a non riding companion

Horse riding is a passion, but sometimes, this passion is not shared by your companion, friends, or your children who may be too young to follow a ride!

Anyway, you don't want to miss holidays on horseback, anyway! So, we found the perfect solution: some of our equestrian tours can welcome non riders who will also find activities adapted for them (cultural visits, hiking, cycling, free holidays or simply enjoying the comfort and facilities of the accommodation)...

Ride in Alsace

Our ride in Alsace are accessible to non riders, as some of us drives the carts, others have just to enjoy beautiful landscapes!
If nobody is able to drive, our guide tries to have a driver for you if you make the ride with different crew!

Ride in the Loire Valley
RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride from one castle to the other in the Loire Valley

This itinerant ride is perfectly adapted to non riders. They can follow the itinerary with the logistic vehicle or a rental car and discover the castles with riders, wonders of the Loire Valley.

Ride in Allier

These holidays are perfect for riders and non riders. Many activities are possible for non riders (hamman, swimming pool, bicycles, hot air balloon...), and they can enjoy the luxurious facilities of the castle where everybody is staying.

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Allier


RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Perigord

Ride in Lot

Non riders can easily take part of these holidays. They will follow the same cultural activities as the riders and they can enjoy the swimming pool or visit the region during the horseback hikes.


Oleron island

During 2 days, you will have the opportunity to discover lovely landscapes: beaches, marshes and preserved forests.... The sandy beaches of Oleron Island are perfect for enjoying the liveliness of horses during long gallops.

RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride in Perigord







RIDE IN FRANCE - Ride from one castle to the other in the Loire Valley

RIDE IN FRANCE - Cycling in Auvergne

RIDE IN FRANCE - Castle in Perigord