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NORMANDY - Equestrian escape in Mont Saint Michel Bay

Discover a new part of the Mont Saint Michel, a treasury in the Western world...
We spend a few days, enjoying a splendid panoramic view, an exceptional landscape and an immense Bay where we have long gallops on the fine sand!
We propose you a tonic trail, across the Mont st Michel Bay, reserved for advanced riders!


Day 1
Arrival at the inn "La Begossière" at Roz sur Couesnon at the end of the day from 6pm, or at the Pontorson train station between 6pm and 8pm. Dinner and night in the inn.

Day 2
This morning, we ride in the green road towards the Sainte Anne Chapel. On the Duchess Anne dam, we branch to go to Colombel. This first part of the riding trail allows us to discover the polders. This zone was formerly covered by the sea, and is now destined to vegetable culture whose label is appreciated by gourmets. Nearby the Hauts de Saint Marcan, we ride through a deep forest with steep paths and a significant

drop. Then, we arrive at the Chappe telegraph, and have a picnic break. This afternoon, we ride on the hill above the Bay, and then, we start playing hide-and-seek in the woods and on the panoramic views on the Mont Saint Michel. We can perceive the Mont in the bend of a path, and then, we lose it when entering a new leafy wood. The freshness in these woods allows us to regain our breath before riding again in impressive descents.

When arriving at the Roz Sur Couesnon belvedere where we stop, we are in front of a splendid panoramic view on the Mont Saint Michel. The guide has the opportunity to tell us the details of this national landmark. Then, we ride back to the inn and have dinner. It is the best moment for everyone to give his impression of the day.

Day 3
Today is the big day! We ride through the green path which leads us in front of the fine sand Bay. We cross the Bay cantering! Crossing it makes us living intensive moments. The amazing light makes magical colors to this infinite landscape. The Ombelaine Island, a big rock located in the middle of the Bay is also an ornithological reserve, and the unforgettable imposing and majestic Mont Saint Michel... Our guide tells us the story and legend of this mysterious place. Then, we canter again into this huge landscape, where the only existing limits are the rivers you need to cross. Individual departure from 6 pm, transfer possible to Pontorson train station (plan a train after 7:30pm).

Day 4 (if 4 days ride)

We ride again on the green path, oppened a few years ago to allow to ride/walk safely along the Bay from Cancale to the Mont St Michel. However, today we are not riding along the Bay but through the marshes. This zone is entirely different from the Polders’ one. It is located between the last dam and the sea. At high tides, it is overlaid by the sea. However, at normal times, this place still hosts the salt marshes sheep, an appellation dedicated to the famous sheep herded in the Bay, but also many bird species. So, you will have enderstood it is a place full of marshes, and your guide will show you the diversity of grassy plants, and will describe you, on occasion, the bird flying alongside you. It is also a suitable place for cantering. Individual departure from 6pm, transfer possible to Pontorson train station (plan a train after 7:30 pm).

Day 5 ( if 5 days ride)

On this day, we travel across Brittany's ground to Pas Gérault's ponds. We go past the "Manoir de la Rue", built in 1575, to join the hamlet La Lande de Montomblay where an oak tree has risen up since 1792. After riding alongside the Sains' ponds, we follow an undergrowth path to the Chardrain's hamlet, with a typical architecture. Then, we reach Pas Gérault's pond. Previously built to supply water to the water-mills, today, it contains many animal and plant species that are able to blossom in this protected environment. Ideal place to relax, the picnic area encourages us to a break. After lunch, we will cross the Riscopp valley to join our inn while making the most of the last panoramic views on Mont-Saint-Michel bay. Indvidual departure from 6 pm. Transfer possible to Pontorson train station (trains from 7.30 pm).

This itinerary is provided on an indicative basis and is subject to modifications without prior notice depending on tide or meteorological reasons.
NB: The three days week-ends will use the itinerary of day 2 and 3.

We cannot stop for a visit of the Mont Saint Michel, as we don't have anywhere to leave the horses and the crowds of walking tourists is too important on the site to visit the Mont on horseback safely.


Mont Saint Michel Ride - 2024
June 07 to 09 395 € last 3 places > book it
Jusqu'à fin septembre   full
October 04 to 06 395 € available > book it
October 11 to 13
395 €
available > book it
October 18 to 20 395 € available > book it
October 25 to 27
395 €
guaranteed departure > book it




- The horse tour as described above in an inn, on a full-board basis, with wine, water and cider included for meals
- The supervision by an ATE guide, helped by a professional guide when crossing the Mont St Michel Bay
- Transfer from and to Pontorson train station
- The guarantee of funds deposited in Ride in France  


Not included:

- Drinks outside mealtimes
- Chargeable visits
-  Registration fees of 15 € per person
- Personal expenses
- The organization of another tour before or after the riding tour
- Any other service
- Optional insurance : More information





Our horses and required riding ability

RIDE IN FRANCE - Horse in Brittany

The horses are Irish Cob breed used to trail. Their size varies from 1m45 to 1m60 at the withers.

We have English saddle. You can also use your own saddle if it is suitable for your horse.
Recommended riding ability

 We want advanced riders who feel at ease outdoor at the three gaits. You need to manage your horse when cantering in open spaces and to have a good physical condition to be able to ride during 5 hours a day... and for several days!
If you are a beginner or an intermediary rider, we suggest you to do the itinerary: "Discover the bay".

Good to know

We ask you to groom and to saddle your horse. 
The less than 12 years old or more than 60 years old riders, as well as the ones who weight more than 85kg may be accepted only after our validation, and upon a suitable riding ability and horse. 

The local team

The riding tour is supervised by an equestrian tourism accompanist (ATE) or an equestrian tourism guide (GTE). 
When crossing the Bay, a second crossing specialist guide joins the group to make you live this wonderful experience safely.

RIDE IN FRANCE - Packed lunch in Brittany

The accommodation is a step inn in a three person’s bedroom, or in a dormitory.
It is not possible to book for an individual bedroom


Breakfasts are in the inn and lunches and dinners are in a restaurant. This is mainly Brittany specialities.

Languages spoken by the guide: English / French speaking guide.

Group size: From 2 to 10 riders

Arrival airport / train station: Meeting point at Roz sur Couesnon, the day before the start of the riding trail.

Transfers are possible from and to Pontorson train station.
Please, plan a train arriving between 6pm and 8pm for a good organisation of the transfers. On the last day, please plan a train leaving after 7pm30.

Extend your stay

After the end of your riding tour, you have the opportunity to extend your stay visiting the Mont Saint Michel to better discover this unique place in the world. This region is also a suitable place for bathing or thallasoteraphy hollidays.

Please, contact us if you have any project.

Our riding consultant's report

A week-end riding adventure in the most beautiful Bay in France.

Riding guest reviews

"Great weekend! A big thank you to our guide Arwenfor his happiness and professionalism, as well as Daniel, guide in the bay. The horses are perfect, the tour is wonderful. I strongly recommand!" - Yohann G. (2019)

"Really good tour from every point of view : organisation, horses, guide. Gallops in the bay and on the beach are breathtaking! Horses are incredible, really good carriers, full of energy and at the same time manageable. The guide is skilled and really friendly." - Laurence B. (2018)

"I was looking for a riding trail with more dynamic gaits, and I found it! It is just magical to arrive at the Mont Saint Michel crossing the beach cantering, riding in the tide and seeing the sand which bends under the horse’s feet, and safely cantering with secure and level-headed horses. It was a moment of pure happiness. I encourage every rider who enjoy freedom in the middle of the beach to choose this riding trail." Jacques G. (June 2017)

"This week-end at the Mont St Michel was a real success for everyone! The horses, Isabelle our guide. Everything was perfect." Régis C. (June 2017)

"Wonderful riding trail with friendly hospitality, a smiling and friendly guide, best horses and restaurants, amazing landscapes with long cantering in the sand and our guide Daniel to visit the inescapable Mont Saint Michel Bay ;) ... Thank you so much!" Lydia L. (May 2017)

"We have well disconected from daily life during these 3 days riding! We begin with a soft riding trail, and then, Isabelle leads us on the second day in the Mont Saint Michel Bay. I will never forget my amazing cantering in the water, in front of the Mont. The light is nice! The Irish Cob horses are all kind. They are dynamic and well level-headed. We feel safe when we ride these horses. Seeing my aches when coming back home I can confirm it was a tonic riding trail!" Pascaline B. (May 2017)

"A really magical and amazing riding trail. The horses were kind, the guide was respectful with her horses, the restaurant menus were delicious and the accommodation was pleasant and clean." Claire M. (April 2017)

"Good choice of restaurants globally, quick service, adapted menus and convivial atmosphere. Pascale is really nice and patient. She is really respectful and listens to the riders." - Annie D. (2013)

"Calm, spacious, modern and clean guesthouse. Nice restaurants." - Florence F. (2013)



Why you will love this trail

From 395 €

Beach ride - Week-ends

3 to 4 days / 2 to 3 nights / 2 to 3 days on horseback

Randonnée à cheval - Un voyage Rando Cheval

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